Am I wasting my time?

How Seth Godin Found His Perfect Audience | Kicks Digital Marketing

Seth (Godin, not Adam & Eve’s third son), says write and publish everyday.

I doubt I have that much of interest to say, but it’s the habit, not the output that he’s advocating.

It is true, the habit of finishing and publishing is something I need to acquire. So, here’s today’s, dedicated to Seth (who cares not a hoot).

And his entry today which is rather à propos fro:


“An almost magical idea, a tiny little word, a chance to make it real.

If someone tasks you with carving something profound into a block of granite, the emotional overhead is probably too high to do our best work.

But if you simply want to jot something down, all you need is an iota, a tiny glimpse of what might work.

It turns out that just about all granite-worthy ideas begin as jots.

Simply jot.”